• Image of Black Cowgirl full length TOUR EDITION (CD) 2012

Heavy backroad rock from the mysterious void in between Lancaster County and Thorndale Pennsylvania.

Recorded in two sessions, one year apart, this 11 song double Ep combines 2011's debut ep (out of print) and a new Ep from 2012!!

Comes encased in a full color shrink wrapped eco wallet with amazing custom wrap around art from Adrián Brouch/Dave Rudolph!

Shipping available worldwide!


1. Talk of Wolves
2. Roadmaster
3. The Ride
4. Alkaline
5. Dead House
6. Eclipsor
7. Weight of Oblivion
8. Three Seasons
9. Solarizer
10. Becoming Nothing
11. Unio Mystica


"Gets me drunk and higher than a man on bath salts with its addictive slide guitar licks, driving stoner rock thunder, psychedelic yet countrified restraint, and ethereal vocals that go from a croon to a near scream at the drop of an anvil" -HELLRIDE MUSIC

"This is some of the finest 30 minutes of hard rocking tunes and riffs you will hear all year" - SLUDGELORD MUSIC BLOG

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